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Bhopal: A Silent Picture

A multimedia installation of images of the Union Carbide plant

13 – 27 december 2009

Gallery Beyond

130/132, 1st Floor, Great Western Building,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort



The Fine Art Company, Mumbai presents A Multi Media Installation showcasing lenticular images that talk about the Bhopal Gas tragedy. On 3rd Dec 1984, the world witnessed its largest industrial disaster.

This discussion (at Little Theater, NCPA/Friday Dec 18th/6:30-8:30 pm) will coincide with an installation (at Gallery Beyond) on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy by the artist/photographer/activist, Samar Singh Jodha who has done extensive documentary work on this issue.

Jodha will present his works, which will be accompanied with a panel discussion with committed individuals involved in the Bhopal campaign. Jodha’ intention is to create with fine art photography a platform for discussion & bring in a forum of experts/social scientists /NGOs to highlight/rejuvenate/refresh people’ minds and also put this issue/debate in mainstream media & collective consciousness. This program is organized by the Mohile Parikh Center, NCPA in association with the Fine Art Company, Mumbai.

Samar Jodha has done extensive research work on this tragedy including photography. His first commission was in 2004 with the BBC on 20 years of Bhopal, Since last 5 years this personal project captures various aspects of the impact of this calamity on the local communities and their immediate environment. These series of images are shot at the Union Carbide plant and speak about the emptiness and the eerie silence that permeates this space. Some of the areas are comparable to the feeling of walking through the Auschwitz cells.

Discussion Panelists (at the Little Theater, NCPA/Friday Dec 18th/6:30-8:30 pm):
Samar Singh Jodha (Artist),
Satinath Sarangi (Social Activist),
Rachna Dhingra (Social Activist)
Sanjay Verma (Survivor)
Discussant: Bittu Sahgal (Editor, Sanctuary Asia)


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