Clouds over the rice fields of FONTANETTO PO

Some clouds over the rice fields of FONTANETTO PO (Vercelli) I was walking all alone through the rice fields surrounding Fontanetto Po, when I saw this unexpected  scene. A dog, even more alone than I, was moving in the water, while huge menacing clouds were darkening the sky to announce the arrival of a heavy storm. But what a magical, metal light they were taking, too, to that peaceful landscape and to my restless soul…..



ARIZONA ON THE ROAD by Maria Giulia Alemanno © oil pastels on paper, 2010 The painting belongs to the series: LITTLE PAPER TRAVELS – Piccoli viaggi di carta. Some of them in the video: WILLIE NELSON, JOHN DENVER, DOLLY PARTON .. I felt so free during that trip in Arizona. Everything was so wide and wild, the horizon line so far and the clouds so close to me. All the roads were leading to heaven and heaven was around me. Maria Giulia Alemanno

Maria Giulia Alemanno © Risaia di San Silvestro, Crescentino (Vercelli)
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